Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a lovely weekend (two weekends ago)

A couple weekends ago I experienced something that honestly warmed my mama heart. One, we had some of our closest friends over to our home for dinner and good times. To read about these awesome people click Here  and Here. It was special because this place truly feels like home and to share it with the people we love most is special for us. And the other super awesome thing which was very special was this... 

Charlie is captivated with music and he loves to play his "guitar" and "drums" any chance he gets. About a month ago Charlie saw a real guitar at his uncle Dave's house and was just taken with it so when his Uncle Jeremiah (and God Father) was over for dinner I said next time he comes over he should bring his guitar (seeing that he is a fantastic and extremely talented musician). He replied with, "it's in the car!" so I made him (I mean asked him nicely) to go get it and play for Charlie. He obliged and it was wonderful. To have the room filled with lovely people, amazing music and a toddler that was in love and in awe just made my heart burst. 

Jeremiah, thank you so much for being in my sons life and for helping him grow in ways that only you can. 

The weekend was also filled with this...

Good food, good people, fun games and great coffee! 

Thank you wonderful people for being in my life! 

For more information and cool things on Jeremiah's music click Here.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    I had some time today and thought I would drop into your blog. Great to see that things are going so well for you. Charlie looks like a great kid (as, of course, my own William is!)
    Bill Tomlinson